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Casa della carità, where hospitality becomes an expression of culture

Casa della carità “Angelo Abriani” Foundation takes care of vulnerable people and promotes culture, starting from the stories of those who come to our House every day. 

The core activities of Casa della carità are two and it is as if they were two hearts beating at the same time: Accoglienza (Sheltering) – whose social activities guide people in distress towards a new independent life – and Accademia (Academy), which draws together all the Foundation’s culture-related activities being shared with all Milanese people. This double effort was strongly wished by Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini, the Founder of Casa della carità who chose don Virginio Colmegna as Chairman of the Foundation in 2002.

“I will daily remember this House, what is being done here, the guests, the volunteers, the employees, since this House really deserves a lot”.


Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini- Founder of Casa della carità


Don Colmegna, right, with Cardinal Martini, visiting Casa della carità in 2005.

Casa della carità believes in the dignity and uniqueness of each person, in the value of offering a listening ear, in the importance of relationships. We commit ourselves in creating a society which opposes the “culture of waste”. We believe that answering the needs of weak and excluded people generates for all wealth, cohesion and helps to increase urban safety.


Casa della carità takes care of people who endured difficult experiences, who must deal with several problems at the same time and who find a welcoming place, a family, at Casa della carità. Every day, we host hundreds of people and we offer services such as free hot showers, a counselling centre, healthcare, legal advice and job orientation to many more. Casa della carità works throughout the city of Milan with the elderly, the homeless, people having mental problems and people who live alone.

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Important ideas for the whole population blossom from the knowledge and the careful listening to the most vulnerable section of the population. Strongly holding to this conviction, the Academy of Casa della  Carità promotes cultural initiatives and training sessions and activities. The Academy includes the SOUQ – Urban Suffering Study Centre, which operates at the academic level with universities and researchers and the Boundary’s Library, which works on the ground with schools, San Vittore prison and other non-profit organisations.

“It is absolutely necessary to sit around the same table, let relationships blossom, create sharing, in order to promote rights and active citizenship”.


don Virginio Colmegna- Chairman of Casa della carità


Don Virginio Colmegna – Credit: Marco Garofalo 2018

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Ospiti della Casa – Foto: Marco Garofalo


Fondazione Casa della carità
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Casa della carità

La Fondazione Casa della carità “Angelo Abriani” accoglie persone fragili e promuove cultura, partendo dalle storie di chi incontra ogni giorno. A volere questo doppio impegno è stato il suo fondatore, il Cardinale Carlo Maria Martini che, nel 2002, ha scelto don Virginio Colmegna come presidente.

Nel 2018, con 4.713.135 di euro, la Fondazione ha aiutato 4.609 persone e promosso 164 iniziative culturali grazie a 19.322 donatori, 103 volontari e 126 tra dipendenti e collaboratori.

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